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Allen Family

Sources & Research Notes:
  1. My Legacy, by E. Clark, p.41 (Martha Allen m. Coronet Richard Hubbard, Jr.); p.62 (William Allen m. Ann Goodale).

William ALLEN to Comfort (HUBBARD) WEEKS.

1.      William Allen b. Eng., occupation house carpenter, m. (1) Ann Goodale, b. Eng., (daughter of Richard Goodale) d. May 1678, Salisbury, MA, m. (2) Abiel ________.  William died 18 June 1686, Salisbury, MA.  Received land in Salisbury, MA in first division of Salisbury in 1640, his name on list of "townsmen & commoners" in 1650, etc. Abiel: (wid. of John Roper & John Dickison).

                      i      wid. Abigal Allen b. 1634/40, Salisbury, MA.
                      ii     Hannah Allen b. 1642, Salisbury, MA.
                      iii    Mary Allen b. 1644, Salisbury, MA.
            2.       iv     Martha b. 1646.
                      v     John Allen b. 1648, Salisbury, MA.
                      vi    William Allen b. 1650, Salisbury, MA.
                      vii    Benjiman Allen b. 1652, Salisbury, MA.
                      viii   Joseph Allen b. 1653, Salisbury, MA.
                      ix    Richard Allen b. 1655, d. 1678.  unmarried.
                      x     Ruth Allen b. 1657/8, Salisbury, MA.
                      xi    Jeremiah Allen b. 1658/9, Salisbury, MA.

Second Generation 

2.      Martha Allen b. 1646, Salisbury, MA, m. 1666, Cornet Richard Hubbard, b. 1631, (son of Richard Hubbard) d. 16 June 1719, Salisbury, MA.  Martha died 4 Oct. 1718, Salisbury, MA.

                      i      Mary Hubbard b. 1667.
                      ii     John Hubbard b. 1669.
                      iii     _______ Hubbard b. 1672, d. 1672.
                      iv    Joseph Hubbard b. 1676.
                      v     Dorothy Hubbard.
                      vi    Judith Hubbard b. 1679.
            3.       vii    Comfort.
                      viii   Jemina Hubbard b. 1684.
                      ix    Kezia Hubbard b. 1684.
                      x     Richard Hubbard b. 1686/7, d. ae 1 yr.
                      xi    Eleazer Hubbard b. 1689.
                      xii   Thomas (?) Hubbard. This name doesn't show up on the family group sheet copied with info from My Legacy.  Is this a typo?

Third Generation 

3.      Comfort Hubbard m. 7 Nov. 1699, in Boston, MA, Joshua Weeks, b. 30 June 1674, Greenland, NH, (son of Leonard Weeks and Mary Redman) d. 13 June 1758.  Comfort died 20 Mar. 1756.  Joshua: Capt.

                      i      Martha Weeks b. 1704.
                      ii     Joshua Weeks  19 Nov. 1706, Hampton, NH.
            4.       iii     Comfort b. ab. 1708.
                      iv    Mary Weeks b. 1710?.
                      v     Ichabod Weeks  1713, d. 3 Nov. 1736.
                      vi    John Weeks b. 1716, d. 20 Oct. 1763.  Dr.
                      vii    Thankful Weeks  1720.
            5.       viii   William b. 28 July 1723.
                      ix    Richard Weeks  1727, d. d. young.
                      x     Margaret Weeks  Apr. 1728.

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