Gilchrest-Robinson Reunion

Hello Cousin,  August 24, 2007 

Thanks for keeping in touch by email.

The Annual Gilchrest-Robinson family reunion was held at the St. George grange hall on Sunday, August 19, 2007.

The next family reunion will be held at the St. George grange hall on the third Sunday in August in 2008.

This is your first notice for the next reunion.

Third Sunday in August 2008 at the St. George grange hall in St. George,
Maine. Noon potluck dinner/picnic. Hope to see you here.

Thank you for your contributions which help with the hard copy snail-mail cost of mailing. This year we spent almost $200 on postage and mailing, and your contributions have just about taken care of that.  Checks and cash are still coming in by mail every day.

Thanks also for keeping us posted on what's new with your family.  Births, deaths, weddings. You might find this hard to believe, but more than a few cousins have divorced nasty, avaricious spouses that they inadvertently acquired in mindless moments of weakness. We'd like to know about that, too. Just for the record.

Several people have sent pages of documents which I am about to send to
Nola Mank Metcalf in Warren. As you know, she has the updated copy of the family in her Family Tree Maker program in her computer.

Nola was at the reunion and spent three or four solid hours simply typing in information people either brought on hard copy or had in their heads.

Yes. Collecting the names of your distant cousins is a useless hobby, but I find it interesting. Because I live right here less than a mile from where Samuel Gilchrest is buried and less than 7 miles from where Moses Robinson is buried, it is fun to go to a meeting or gathering and look around and count how many people in the room I'm related to.

If you want to be removed from the mailing list, please let me know. If you'd like me to include some members of your immediate family, please send their mailing or email addresses. If we could do the entire mailing by email, we wouldn't have to whine and snivel for contributions for postage.

Oh ye of little faith. My second cousin's son, Brooks, sent a $20 bill and

said it could either help pay for family postage or for two lobster rolls for me and my wife Marsha.

Marsha doesn't eat lobster rolls.

Thanks again for your letters. I read the ones that arrived in time at the reunion.

Robert Karl Skoglund, Secretary/ Treasurer
Gilchrest-Robinson Family Reunion
785 River Road
St. George, ME 04860


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Robert Karl Skoglund
785 River Road
St. George, ME 04860


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