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Husband: William (Moore) Moor
Born: 12 SEPT. 1773 at: Bedford, NH Married: 11 FEB 1800 at: Died: 25 MAR. 1839 at: Goffstown, NH Father:Daniel (Moore) Moor Mother:Ann Cox Other Spouses: Susan Bowman PEDIGREE
Wife: Martha Holmes
Born: 1781 at: Londonderry, NH Died: 25 DEC. 1834 at: age 53 Father:John Holmes Mother:Susannah Allison Other Spouses: PEDIGREE
Name: Daniel Moor Born: 23 FEB. 1801 at: Bedford, NH Married: at: Died: 13 AUG. 1850 at: Spouses: Mary S. McQuesten Sarah Stevens PEDIGREE
Name: Nancy Cox Moor Born: 19 FEB. 1803 at: Bedford, NH Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Thomas Moor PEDIGREE
Name: Joseph Colley Moor Born: 7 APR. 1805 at: Bedford, NH Married: 12 JUN 1832 at: Died: 21 NOV. 1887 at: Spouses: Martha McQuesten PEDIGREE
Name: Susanna Moor Born: 3 FEB. 1806 at: Bedford, NH Married: at: Died: 23 APR. 1807 at: Spouses: PEDIGREE
Name: John Holmes Moor Born: 15 JUNE 1807 at: Bedford, NH Married: at: Died: 23 JAN. 1812 at: Spouses: PEDIGREE
Name: Timothy Fuller Moor Born: 16 JUNE 1809 at: Bedford, NH Married: 9 JAN 1838 at: Died: 28 JAN. 1889 at: Spouses: Clarissa E. Emery PEDIGREE
Name: Elizabeth Moor Born: 29 DEC. 1810 at: Bedford, NH Married: 27 SEP 1831 at: Died: at: Spouses: Lancy Weston PEDIGREE
Name: Nathaniel H. (Moore) Moor Born: 24 DEC. 1812 at: Bedford, NH Married: 9 MAY 1837 at: Died: 25 NOV. 1880 at: Manchester, NH Spouses: Jane Smith Susan E. Spencer PEDIGREE
Name: William Moor Born: 20 MAY 1815 at: Bedford, NH Married: AUG 1836 at: Died: 20 OCT. 1880 at: Spouses: Mary A. Kendall PEDIGREE
Name: Martha Jane Moor Born: 1817 at: Bedford, NH Married: at: Died: 30 MAR. 1821 at: Spouses: PEDIGREE
Name: Margaret Morrison Moor Born: 20 MAY 1820 at: Bedford, NH Married: 29 DEC 1842 at: Died: 21 DEC. 1890 at: Spouses: Ephraim White PEDIGREE
Name: Robert Cox Moor Born: 20 MAY 1823 at: Bedford, NH Married: 20 NOV 1823 at: Died: 25 AUG. 1890 at: Spouses: Jane Sweetzer PEDIGREE
Name: David McGregor Moor Born: 26 JULY 1825 at: Bedford, NH Married: 9 AUG 1851 at: Died: 23 MAR. 1897 at: Spouses: Charlotte A. Quested PEDIGREE

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