The Four Values of the Lakota 

From the book "Lakota Life", by Ron Zeilinger, pp. 23-25
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Second Edition, Second Printing, 1994. All rights reserved.
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Lakota values/virtues - some more lists:

  List I - Author: Birgil Kills Straight - Oglala Lakota

1) Wacante Oganake, "To help, to share, to give, to be generous."
2) Wowaunsila, "Pity, Compassion."
3) Wowauonihan, "To Repect, to Honor."
4) Wowacintanka, "Patience and Tolerance."
5) Wowahwala, "To be Humble, To Seek Humility."
6) Woohitike, "To be Guided By Your Principles, Disciplined, Bravery and Courage."
7) Woksape, "Understanding and Wisdom."

List II - Author: George Plenty Wolf - Oglala Lakota

1) Wowahwala - "Walk quietly, slowly, humble."
2) Waunsila - "Walk with compassion for your relatives."
3) Wowokiye - "Be helpful without waiting to be asked."
4) Wayunihan - "Be respectful of all things."
5) Wokciumpte - "Keep a good attitude."
6) Wawoktugan - "Practice forgiveness."
7) Wopila - "Be Thankful."

List III - Author: Joseph Marshall III - Sicangu/Oglala Lakota

1) Unsiiciyapi - "To be humble, modest, unpretentious." (humility)
2) Wowacintanka - "To persist, to strive in spite of difficulties." (perseverance)
3) Wawoohola - "To be considerate, to hold in high esteem." (respect)
4) Wayuonihan - "To have integrity, to have an honest and upright character." (honor)
5) Cantognake - "To place and hold in one's heart." (love)
6) Icicupi - "To give of one's self, an offering." (sacrifice)
7) Wowicake - "That which is real, the way the world is." (truth)
8 ) Waunsilapi - "To care, to sympathize." (compassion)
9) Woohitike - "Having or showing courage." (bravery)
10) Cantewasake - "Strength of heart and mind." (fortitude)
11) Canteyuke - "To give, to share, to have a heart." (generosity)
12) Woksape - "To understand what is right and true, to use knowledge wisely." (wisdom)

List IV - Author: Sinte Gleska University, Rosebud, SD

1) Woksape - "Wisdom"
2) Woohitika - "Bravery"
3) Wowacintanka - "Fortitude"
4) Wacantognaka - "Generosity"

List V - Author: David Little Elk, Mnicojou Lakota; also adopted by the Native American Church of South Dakota, Inc.

1) Wocekiya - "Prayer"
2) Waohola - "Respect"
3) Waunsila - "Compassion"
4) Wowicake - "Honesty"
5) Wawokiye - "Generosity"
6) Wahwala - "Humility"
7) Woksape - "Wisdom"


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